Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (6PD Hours)

Language, Literacy, and Numeracy – Online Workshop

February 10th – February 23rd, 2022

This workshop is equivalent to six (6) hours of professional development.
What participants say about this workshop:

“The pace is perfect for me. It is the best way to learn as I can use my time effectively and access the materials as many times as I need it.”

“Hearing from the professionals as well as seeing different children’s play experiences from all over the world was great to see and take in.”

“Being able to flex it around my schedule was fantastic and so important as I have very little free time.”


Language, Literacy, and Numeracy

February 10th – February 23rd, 2022


The Association of Early Childhood Educators Nova Scotia and Red River College have partnered to offer this online workshop. The workshop content (videos, readings, links, games, discussions) is completely online and available to participants for the duration of the workshop. There are weekly expectations and participants have complete flexibility to work through the materials at times of the day that are most convenient for them. The content is from the Science of Early Child Development (SECD). SECD’s engaging, multimedia resources are used around the world by people who want to learn more about the impact of the early years on lifelong health and well-being.

Participants will watch videos of children around the world, hear from experts discussing the topics, do short readings and play interactive review games. Participants will also “meet” in online discussions guided by a facilitator, to hear each other’s ideas, and reflect on and apply what they learn.

Topics include:

  • Language development in the early years, including genetic and environmental influences

  • Literacy and emergent literacy in research and practice

  • Mathematical concepts, the development of numeracy and practices that support numeracy

  • Literacy, numeracy, and school readiness

Please note: Participants should have a reliable internet connection and be comfortable reading and writing in English.

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