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Association of Early Childhood Educators Nova Scotia

About Us

Our Organizational Structure

AECENS is governed by a Board of Directors elected by its membership.  AECENS has been incorporated since 2003. In 2019, our name changed from Nova Scotia Child Care Association (NSCCA) to Association of Early Childhood Educators of Nova Scotia (AECENS).

Board of Directors:

  • Susan Long - Chair
  • Samantha Daniels-Tenwolde - Treasurer
  • Carolyn Webber - Secretary
  • Jacqueline Cameron
  • Bosede Olatunjo Folawemimo
  • Marlene Francis
  • Mary Ellen Shatford
  • Leanne Thomey
  • Beth Towler
  • Justin West
  • Janessa Williams
  • Susan Willis


  • Terri Roberts, Executive Director
  • Beverly Clark, Membership & Events Coordinator

AECENS is a membership-based association dedicated to uplifting ECEs & expanding their professional practice.


To promote the professional recognition of early childhood educators in Nova Scotia, and to provide support and resources for excellence in professional practice.

The Association of Early Childhood Educators of Nova Scotia (AECENS) is a non-profit membership-based professional association by and for all early childhood educators (ECEs) in the province. We believe that ECEs are the key ingredient in delivering quality early childhood education and child care.

AECENS is the voice for credibility and professional recognition for the early childhood education sector in Nova Scotia.


  • To promote public awareness and recognition that ECEs are the key ingredient in delivering quality early childhood education and child care
  • To support the professional practice of ECEs through education, professional development, and ethical and best practice standards
  • To provide a safe place for ECEs to belong, network, and support each other
  • To represent and advocate for members so they can provide quality early childhood education and child care
  • To empower ECEs to advocate for and value themselves
  • To be a united voice for the advancement of all ECE professionals

There’s never been a better time to be an ECE. Together, we are building a culture of professional recognition and respect.

ECEs are professional, ethical, compassionate experts. We stand united in the value of our work.

We value:

  • Support for reflective and high-quality ECE practice
  • Asking, listening, and responding to our membership
  • Respect, honesty, and trust
  • Continuous learning
  • Strength in numbers

AECENS believes that ECEs are the key to quality early childhood education and care. We represent and serve a diverse membership, regardless of their workplace or position. Our membership is inclusive of all cultures and communities and can be found throughout the entire early years sector, including:

  • urban and rural centres
  • pre-primary programs
  • non-profit centres
  • private centres
  • early intervention services
  • family resource centres
  • early years centres
  • early childhood resource support centres
  • post-secondary training programs
  • family home agencies
  • retired practitioners

AECENS Code of Ethics for Early Childhood Educators

Code of Ethics

How We Serve You

AECENS is the only organization in Nova Scotia that focuses on the professional practice of individual ECEs regardless of where our members work. Membership is voluntary and members pay an annual fee.

AECENS serves our membership in many ways:

  • Advocates for professional recognition by government, employers, parents, and the public.
  • Offers high quality professional development and conferences.
  • Provides free access to the most up to date information and resources in the ECE field in Canada through our partnership with the Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF).
  • Are a united voice for our membership at the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD).
  • Shares the credibility of being part of a professional association focused on high quality and ethical practice, objective and agreed-upon professional standards, continuous learning, decision-making support, and advocacy.
  • Offers great opportunities for mentoring, networking, and leadership skills development.
  • Are committed to personal, organizational, and workforce growth & development.

AECENS represents our members at the following tables:

  • Provincial Early Years Partnership meetings
  • Government consultation sessions – Regulations, training, workforce development, budget lockup, bilateral agreement consultation sessions, and national government consultation sessions
  • The Atlantic Institute – Brings the Atlantic provinces together to support Early Learning and Care
  • Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF)
  • Early Childhood Collaborative Research Centre Events – Issues related to standards of practice, ethical practice, and workforce development
  • Discussions about our Professional Recognition Project – Includes our discussion paper Pathways to Professional Recognition

©AECENS, 2024
AECENS is a registered non-profit in Nova Scotia, Canada

3845 Joseph Howe Drive, Suite 102

Halifax, NS B3L 4H9


AECENS is located in Mi’kma’ki, the unceded territory and ancestral homeland of the Mi’kmaq Nation.  Our relationship is based on a series of Peace and Friendship treaties between the Mi’kmaq Nation and the Crown, dating back to 1725. 

AECENS recognizes that We Are All Treaty People.

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